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Jerkingcroatia2 (Stripchat) Bio, Projected Income, Stats, and Facts


Subject: make me cum

❤️ 392 followers👥 Viewers peak 12💰️ Earns $2,561 - $3,326 / month👀 Broadcasts rarely

jerkingcroatia2's Performance


Age group:Mature
Zodiac sign:sagittarius
Speaks:English, Croatian
Birthdate:20 December 1972
Body type:Curvy
Eyes color:Green Eyes
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👧 Who is Jerkingcroatia2

Jerkingcroatia2’s actual name is jerkingcroatia2. He is a verified camguy from Stripchat and identifies himself as a member of the bisexual males community. His main focus is a men performance.

ℹ️ About Jerkingcroatia2

Since 1972, Jerkingcroatia2 grew up in Croatia. He belongs to the grown broadcasters category and is now 51 years old. Sagittarius is his star sign and 20 December is his date of birth. Jerkingcroatia2 is a highly skilled White guy, proficient in speaking multiple languages such as English and Croatian.

🍑 Jerkingcroatia2's Appearance and Physique

Jerkingcroatia2 can boast a rounded shape and sensual bottle green eyes.

⭐ Professional Career

As a streamer on Stripchat, Jerkingcroatia2 got 387 followers. Jerkingcroatia2 focuses primarily on genres such as having fun with his ass, having tet-a-tet conversation, stroking his dick and showing body hair during his live broadcasts, which has earned his a peak audience of 12 viewers at 13:30 on 31 March 2024.

💰 Jerkingcroatia2’s Earnings Projection

Jerkingcroatia2's monthly income is in the range $2616 - $3398, as per our rough estimations.

❤️ Jerkingcroatia2 Pros & Cons


  • Jerkingcroatia2 has been a host for a while, and is well-versed in what he's speaking about.


  • Current streaming does not support high definition quality
  • Jerkingcroatia2 isn't a regular host of live adult shows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jerkingcroatia2

How can I contact Jerkingcroatia2?

Once your Stripchat account is set, you are able to contact Jerkingcroatia2 via DM. Most creators respond within a few hours. Another great idea is to send your message on one of the social media platforms they use.

How much does Jerkingcroatia2 make on Stripchat?

Jerkingcroatia2 makes approximately $3007 per month based on our estimations. The estimation includes several factors, such as the frequency of being online, the number of viewers and followers, tips, private shows, and exclusive media content monetization. Therefore, as a result of the calculation, the above figures do not necessarily have to correspond to the actual earnings of the performer. Please get in touch with us in case of discrepancies.

Where does Jerkingcroatia2 come from?

Jerkingcroatia2 listed Croatia as his permanent place of residence in his profile on the official page. You might be interested in discovering more about other streamers from Croatia.

How to find Jerkingcroatia2 on social media platforms?

While we are collecting information about Jerkingcroatia2’s social media accounts from the official sources, you can try the link below: Twitter:


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