We've organized the most frequently asked questions into different sections to help you quickly find the information you need. We try to address the issue: whether you're concerned about privacy, refunds, alternative payment methods, or have any technical questions.

What is MyBro?

MyBro is the platform created to make your Internet adventures more meaningful and effortless. We aim to give you a source of inspiration and search new fellows so you can get maximum fun in less time. Think about it as Ebay for adults only. We aggregate, process, and filter content according to sexual preferences, rank streamers according to their performance and show you as many details as we can get from the official resources. So there is no chance not to find something that suits your interest, whether private leisure or a rowdy party with friends. Our database includes several hundred thousand authors and is constantly growing.

Do I need to pay for something?

All content on MyBro is free. You don't need to pay for anything to watch live shows. However, some broadcasters restrict sending messages in chat without an account. In that case, you'll need one on the provider's side. And suppose you have already decided about a favorite broadcaster and want a more intimate connection. In that case, you'll need some tokens, a virtual currency every provider uses for transactions.

How can I get my account?

Creating a member account takes approximately one minute. All you have to do is come up with a username and password and sync your email. If you don't want to receive emails from the provider, simply turn them off in notification settings.

Where did you get content from?

All content you see on MyBro is collected from official sources. We use API to get data and process it on our side. Additionally, we constantly develop our backend to enrich data with valuable information that helps you get more details about broadcasters and better understand your possibilities on the platform.

Does your site contain any malicious code?

Your security is our first priority since we care about our reputation. The site doesn't contain any ads where the malicious code can be installed, we don't use hidden tracking systems or cookie injections, and we don't monitor your devices, webcams, etc. All information we collect on the site is primarily for analytics purposes and is described here.

How do you choose providers?

We work only with the leading platforms, whether it's a world-famous cam site or a regional rising star. We research before connecting the provider to MyBro, considering its reputation and reliability. Then, if we believe the new provider will make a difference on MyBro and better impact your experience, we will add it.

What devices MyBro supports?

Literally, you can watch live shows using any device. We have dedicated categories for mobile and VR devices. So whether it's a stream on TV, outdoor live streams on mobile, or an immersive session in virtual reality, you'll have a way to enjoy your time. Gaming consoles are also supported.

Is my personal information safe?

Neither we nor any provider will ask for your PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Never share your private information with strangers, and keep your passwords protected. MyBro doesn't store personal users' data at all. Some providers might process or store your data, but nothing will be disclosed without prior warning or approval. If they do that, ensure everything is handled according to the highest security standards. If you care about it, check their privacy policy before creating a user account to avoid embarrassing situations.

What's the point of your project?

Firstly, we also like to watch adult content, like most of the world, if we believe SimilarWeb data (most visited websites in the world). Still, as it quickly became apparent, it can be boring and tedious to spend time within the same community on the same platform with the same type of content every day. Since there are no decent enough alternatives on the market, we decided to make our own platform: for ourselves - for you. We earn a commission for any purchases you make on the affiliated websites. If you want to support our project, you can also donate some.

If I have any questions, how can I discuss them?

You can always write to us if you experience any difficulties on MyBro. Still, we encourage you to address your questions directly to the provider if you have a question about their platform. Typically, replies come within a few days.


If you're new to buying tokens, you may wonder about the safety of using credit cards or requesting refunds. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers that can help.

Is it safe to buy tokens with a credit card?

Yes, it is safe. You can rest assured that your sensitive information remains private and confidential. None of the billing services reveal or transfer anything related to adult subjects to third parties. In addition, all transactions remain discreet and come from another company, making it impossible for statements in your bank account to be linked to previous activity.

Can I request a refund for purchased tokens?

Yes, you can request a refund by contacting the appropriate support department and explaining the reason. However, if this becomes a frequent occurrence, your account may be suspended based on patterns similar to fraudulent activity. It's important to note that all adult live-streaming companies have anti-fraud systems and analyze thousands of transactions daily.

Can I get my money back for the show which I didn't like?

Yes, you can. For example, suppose your communication during a private chat with the model was interrupted for technical reasons, or she suddenly dropped out of the room. In that case, you can contact support and describe your issue. Additionally, you can get your tokens reimbursed if the model misled you with statements she did not intend to make.

Are there alternative ways of buying tokens?

Several providers offer alternative payment methods such as wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, gift cards (not to be confused with gift codes), and local payment methods. Check our "Token Pricing Summary" table to see which providers support these options.